November 15, 2013

Tune in TODAY at 2PM EST on HLN as Donna Rice Hughes speaks about Teen gets 20 Felony Counts for Sexting

 President & CEO of Enough Is Enough®, Donna Rice Hughes speaks with HLN at 2pm EST TODAY, about Teen gets 20 Felony Counts for Sexting. Here are a few of the questions that they will discussing:



-is this penalty too harsh?  should exceptions be made for teen-to-teen interactions?

-why are we seeing a surge in sexting cases and also a rise in those cases being prosecuted?

-advice for teens/parents?

How many kids are sexting? (Source: FBI)

-4-31% have participated in sexting

-8% have sent naked or semi-nude photos

-13% have received naked or semi-nude photos

Sexting and the law (Source: National Conference of State Legislatures)

-since 2009, 20 states have taken action

-9 states introduced sexting legislation in 2013

-3 states (Arkansas, Georgia, and West Virginia) enacted legislation in 2013


Sexting advice for teens (Source: FBI)

-Think about the consequences

-Don't take photos you wouldn't want family/employers to see

-You have no control of where photos end up

-Do not forward photos sent to you; you can also be held accountable


-Report any nude photos you receive to a trusted adult