September 24, 2013

'Revenge Porn' Victim Devotes Life to Fighting to Change Nation's Laws

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EIE wanted to let you know about the following issue that is surfacing, "Revenge Porn".

Fox News Report September 12, 2013, 'Revenge porn' victim devotes life fighting to change nation's laws.

"When Holly Jacobs sent nude photographs of herself to a long-distance boyfriend she loved and trusted, the 23-year-old woman never imagined the horror that would befall her. In August 2009, less than a year after the pair mutually ended their three-year relationship, Jacobs did a Google search of her name and discovered the naked photos on a so-called "revenge porn" website.

"I just went completely into shock," said Jacobs, who hired a lawyer and eventually changed her birth name from "Holli Thometz" to Holly Jacobs.

"This is cyber-rape," Jacobs, now 30, told "It's all about the guy having control over the woman and exploiting her in a sexual way -- the same way real-life rape does that. It violates you over and over again."

What came next was perhaps more shocking to Jacobs. Police in Miami, where she lived at the time, took no action. ..." Read rest of the story here.