October 1, 2013

EIE/PBS Internet Safety 101® TV Series- You Can Watch It On TV

Let's blanket the country with the message of Internet Safety during October, National CyberSecurity Awareness Month  


We have very exciting news to share. The EIE/PBS Internet Safety 101® TV Series, which recently won an Emmy Award is available to be aired in your city. The National Educational Television Association (NETA) is offering the 101 TV series to all public television stations in America through fall 2014.  And better yet, it's FREE for your local station to air. You could be the reason countless adults are educated and empowered, thereby helping to prevent  the  kids in your community from becoming ensnared by Internet dangers and traps.

Do you want to see it yourself? Do you know parents and grandparents who still don't have a clue that the kids in their lives can accidentally be exposed to dangerous and even illegal pornography through their smart phones, tablets and computers? That sexual predators actively seeking out kids to sexually exploit via technology? That half of today's youth are experiencing cyberbullying?


Do the adults you know just assume that their kids are safe because their child is good or smart or too young?  I am sure you do and so do I.


The reality is, parents and caring adults must be the First Line of Defense.  While Iceland and now Great Britain are requiring Internet providers to block pornography, t's still up to the parents in America to implement the necessary tools to keep their kids safe from pornography and other Internet dangers.


October is an ideal month to have the Enough Is Enough®® television series air in your community because:


1. October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, which is a coordinated national effort focusing on the need for improved online safety and security for all Americans. Because the Internet is a shared resource, protecting it is a shared responsibility.


2. October 27 – November 3 is White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) week which focuses on  informing  the world about the reality of the harms of pornography and the importance to protect from this dangerous material that can damage their innocent minds and hearts permanently.


You can make a difference! Can I count on you to call your local public television station and ask them to air the "Enough Is Enough®®” TV series? Tell them it is available through NETA.  (Note, the "official" program title is not Internet Safety 101®)


Take 5 minutes,   Don't wait, do it now!  To help you, I have included a link to PBS station finder to help you, just click here, type in your zip code and get connected to your local station.


Together, we can make a difference,


Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO


Program Description: The Emmy Award winning Enough Is Enough®® television series (3 one hour shows) paints a comprehensive picture of online dangers and safety solutions, led by renowned Internet safety expert and Enough Is Enough® President Donna Rice Hughes. This series is an invaluable and practical resource for parents, educators and other caring adults who may be uninformed, overwhelmed or ill-equipped to protect children in the ever-evolving Internet world. The television series covers the safety basics viewers need to know to become educated, equipped and empowered to protect children from pornography, sexual predators, and cyber bullies, as well as how to keep kids safe on social networking sites, gaming and mobile devices. Filled with poignant true stories and essential strategies to counter these dangers, gain information, skills, and confidence to effectively protect children on all Internet-enabled devices. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wake up and take action.  (Rated PG)


Enough Is Enough® Television Series

Episode 1 (Porn*graphy 101) 1hr.
Every child with unrestricted internet access is just one click away from free, hard core pornography. Learn about the dangers and how to protect your children from intrusive online pornography.

Episode 2 (Predators 101) 1hr.
Sexual predators cleverly utilize the Internet to target vulnerable kids. Learn about this serious danger and how to protect your children from all Internet dangers.

Episode 3 (The Evolving Web) 1hr.
Learn about the evolving interactive web, social networking, on-line gaming and cyber-bullying. Learn how to protect your children on all Internet enabled devices.