August 1, 2013

EIE Alert:Castro pleads guilty 937 counts-Claims addiction to p*rn*graphy


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News Alert- Castro Pleads Guilty 937 Counts

Claims he is addicted to p*rn*graphy

Sentenced to life in prison


August 1, 2013


News Alert- Castro pleads guilty 937 counts

Claims he is addicted to p*rn*graphy

Sentenced to life in prison


Tune in today as Donna Rice Hughes co hosts Culture Shock Radio along with Dwight Bain and Jeff Gardere.


Among the topics they will discuss the breaking headlines is the news regarding  Ohio kidnapper Ariel Castro.


HORRIFIC images have shown for the first time the squalor in which three kidnapped US women lived in and were repeatedly sexually abused for over a decade. He has pled guilty to 937 counts including rape, assault and aggravated murder related to the kidnapping Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Castro said  he has an addiction to p*rn*graphy and cannot control his impulses. He said that people should research it to understand how it consumes their life.


There is a tremendous amount of research available to anyone who will listen. Check out the harms related to pornography consumption and watch EIE's Internet Safety 101® videos on the  Harms of pornography.


Our hearts continue to go out to the young ladies who suffered at the hands of  of Castro's sordid and perverted violence. 

For the Sake of the Children,

Donna Rice Hughes



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