November 9, 2010

Internet safety program offered for parents, The Catholic Standard

An Internet safety program for parents will be offered on Tuesday Nov. 16, from 7:45 to 9 p.m. at St. Catherine Laboure Parish, Claridge Room, 11811 Claridge Road, Wheaton. That evening, the Internet Safety 101SM program will be presented.

Enough Is Enough®, the nation's leading Internet safety organization since 1994, has created Internet Safety 101SM, a widely acclaimed DVD, teaching series and website,, that paints a comprehensive picture of online dangers and offers safety solutions. Internet Safety 101SM is an invaluable, practical resource for parents, educators and other caring adults who may be uninformed or ill-equipped to protect children in the ever-evolving Internet world. Firsthand accounts from law enforcement officers, clinicians, victims, kids, parents, industry leaders and a convicted sex offender are woven into this compelling, four-part resource, led by renowned Internet safety expert and EIE President, Donna Rice Hughes.


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