March 1, 2012

When Enough Was Enough

EIE President Donna Rice Hughes featured in Salvo Magazine.


Hughes is passionate about her work, and about the cause of Internet safety. She believes that, to some degree, there's still a "boys will be boys" mentality when it comes to pornography.

First of all, parents need to understand that girls are using pornography as much as boys are. Second, the kind of pornography out there is very hardcore and much of it is deviant. Almost every parent I've talked to whose kid has gotten into pornography is using some very deviant stuff. And you have to understand it's not just graphic sex acts anymore. It's violent, with rape and torture. There's bestiality and excretory porn—stuff many parents have probably never even heard of.

She says that parents need to understand how aggressive the pornographers are and how they go after kids. "I came from the days when Lucy and Desi didn't even sleep in the same bed. Today kids can be exposed to hardcore pornography at the touch of a button on their laptop or smart phone."

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