February 22, 2012

EIE and Internet Safety 101SM featured by Sexual Recovery Institute

EIE President Donna Rice Hughes and the Internet Safety 101SM® Program are featured on the Sexual Recovery Institute Blog:



"National speakers, like Donna Rice Hughes, leader of the Enough is Enough program, are helping parents understand how real the threat is and how to prevent their child from viewing the materials or developing a life-destructive addiction. Part of the Enough is Enough curriculum is courses on creating and managing a safer Internet space across the platforms children and teens use – such as smartphones, iPads and computers.

At a recent "Power of Prevention" workshop, addressed in a KSL News article, parents were surprised to learn exactly how children can view porn online, either intentionally or by accident, and to learn more about its addictive potential. They were also taken off guard by how young children are viewing it and the reality that much of the viewing happens in the home."

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