October 15, 2011

Murray Moonlight Run

Enough Is Enough® Sponosors 5K Race in Utah to Fight Cyberbullying


On Saturday, October 15, runners gathered in Murray, Utah for the Moonlight Murray Run, a 5K race to raise awareness about cyberbullying. Volunteers from Enough Is Enough®, a sponsor of the event, distributed complimentary copies of EIE's Internet Safety 101SM Rules N' Tools book to attendees, as well as raffled away three copies of the entire Internet Safety 101SM program kit.

In January, EIE will launch its Internet Safety 101SM program in Utah. EIE believes that supporting current community efforts is key to empowering individuals with the ability to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children. EIE is grateful for the opportunity to support this event.

The Moonlight Murray Run was coordinated by Kinsey Eborn, a senior at Murray High School. Kinsey experienced cyberbullying first hand as a child and wanted to do something to make sure others did not have to feel the pain she went through. Because preventing cyberbullying is so important to Kinsey, she ran for Miss Murray on an anti-cyberbullying platform and was crowned fourth runner up.

EIE Volunteer presenting the Internet Safety 101SM workbook to one of the raffle winners