October 31, 2015

Cause for Celebration


 EIE joined CauseNetwork


Dear Friends,



We've joined CauseNetwork !  




We're celebrating, and we want you to join us. 




Our new site: EIE.CauseNetwork.com launches today!




Great causes, caring consumers, and retail partners come together at CauseNetwork - a new kind of marketplace. Each purchase you make through your cause's site saves you money and generates a donation from the retailer to us, at no cost to you. 




Doing good has never been easier. Start now:




    1. Visit EIE.CauseNetwork.com 




    2. Click any offer and buy something




    3.  Up to 10% of your purchase goes automatically to Enough Is Enough®




Shop from more than 1,000 brands. Below are some of our retail partners:




When shopping online, go to EIE.CauseNetwork.com and help financially support our many programs designed to protect children and families from online dangers.  CLICK HERE.



If you prefer shopping on your tablet or smart phone, be sure to GET OUR MOBILE APP. GET IT NOW HERE! 




Shop. Save. Give.


Together, we can make the Internet a safer place and prevent the Internet-initiated exploitation of children.