September 2, 2020

Please don't allow COVID to lower your standards when it comes to your child's internet safety

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Parents must not cave to COVID and relax their child's online safety practices as screen time is increasing during the pandemic. Your donation can help us reach parents nationwide with urgent messaging that all parents need to hear.

New findings just released from ‘Screens & Quarantine: Digital Parenting in a Pandemic,’ (NortonLifeLock, August 31, 2020) reveal how the current pandemic has impacted children’s at-home screen time, device access and parents’ concerns around Cyber Safety. 

Here are some key findings:

  • Nearly 7 out of 10 parents (69%) said that their child’s screen time has heightened during the pandemic, with around 3 in 5 feeling they have no choice but to allow it (60%); Parents accept certain risks to their child’s online safety to keep them entertained and occupied (57%).
  • Nearly 2 in 3 parents (63%) have indicated that they have lowered their standards for appropriate screen time because of the pandemic.
  • As screen time skyrockets and socialization moves online, parents are inevitably concerned about their child being exposed to cyberbullying(61%), especially those of middle school aged children (11-13 years) (69%).
  • Most parents (60%) are concerned they don’t have enough time to keep track of what their child is doing online, particularly parents who are employed (64% vs. 49% of those who are not employed). 
  • Parents who are employed (71%) are more likely than those who are not (58%) to say unsupervised screen time has increased.


With increased time being spent online during the pandemic, there's no question that parents face a new set of challenges when it comes to safeguarding their child on the internet.

Here are a few practical ways you can be better prepared to offer your child a safer internet environment:

1- Parental Controls - Use parental control tools to restrict, tailor, or manage the media content or activit on all devices and web browsers, whether they are school provided or personal devices. Be sure to turn on the time limit feature which can be set specifically for kids of different ages. Check out our links to Parental Controls here.

2- Monitor Your Child's Internet Use - Despite the best parental controls, parents continue to be the first and best line of defense by being proactively engaged in their child's Internet use. Keep the lines of communication open, ask daily questions about Internet use, and build an atmosphere of trust. Never assume that your child is not vulnerable to internet predators or won't accidentally (or intentionally) access pornography or other dangerous content. Check the browser history often, and turn on monitoring/accountability features on parental controls.

3- Have Your Child Sign the Youth Pledge: Ask your child to sign Enough Is Enough®'s Youth Pledge, or create your own. Either way, the idea is to have frequent discussions with your child about safe internet use and expectations. The Youth Pledge can be found here.

As a reminder, visit to get additional information on all internet dangers, and check out our Safety & Prevention section for detailed information on securing internet-enabled devices. 

Important Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW 

"5 Proactive Steps to Mitigate Online Harms to Your Children During COVID-19" provides steps that should be taken on all internet-enabled devices to help you keep your child safer in the digital world.

Steps are linked to associated content for additional support.

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