November 17, 2018

Study just released, sexuality and the church in America

A new report co-sponsored by Enough Is Enough® (EIE) explores how American pastors are addressing sexual challenges within the church. The report, based on research conducted by Barna Group on 410 senior Protestant pastors, Sexuality & the Church in America 1 found that

  • Three in four pastors (73%) have handled pornography-related questions this past year.
  • Most pastors want to help people with sexual struggles but feel underqualified to address many of the issues they are asked to address.

Friends, the church body, men, women and children, are not immune from the consumption of pornography, contrary to what many believe. Internet pornography use is at all-time high, fueling pornography addiction, sexual exploitation and the breakdown of marriage. 

Pornographers understand the content they produce and distribute is highly addictive, and will likely result in a consumer for life unless the addiction cycle is broken. 


It takes a village to break those chains and restore lives shattered by the harms of pornography. Parents are the first line of defense to protect children, and churches are the first line of defense to equip families and local congregations to prevent the sexual exploitation of individuals of all ages in local congregations and to handle issues of sexual brokenness by providing pastoral counseling and victims resources. 

Do You, a Loved One or Church Ministry Leader Need Help or Training to Address These Issues?

There is a great need for ministry leaders to be educated and equipped to handle these issues in a caring and professional way.

Please SHARE with your church/pastor! EIE offers a Recovering Hearts Initiative that serves as a blueprint for churches and faith-based communities to restore sexual wholeness, integrity, purity, and dignity within the church body. 

The Recovering Hearts vision is to implement a holistic strategy promoting healthy sexuality and genuine intimacy and to prevent sexual exploitation of children, women and men by incorporating prevention education, healing/recovery programs and victims/survivors assistance. 

Additionally, if you or a loved one struggling with pornography, sexual abuse, exploitation or any other form of sexual brokeness needs support, EIE has resources to help. Please, share these with those who need it! 

The battle to effectively prevent sexual brokenness and bring healing to those who need it requires our immediate attention. Pornography destroys love, intimacy and lives. It takes no prisoners. Together, we can join forces to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from its destructive impact.