November 18, 2021

We can not ignore the magnitude of violence against children and adolescents - it IS preventable!

Enough Is Enough® is proud to have collaborated with the developers of theU.S. National Blueprint to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents which officially launchestoday in recognition of the inaugural World Day of Prevention, Healing, and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents.  

The Blueprint lays out an agenda for action calling on the executive and legislative branches to act immediately to keep children safe through comprehensive prevention, healing, and justice initiatives. The call for national action will bring these initiatives to scale in the USA and invest in global programs that support similar efforts in other countries. (Click on the image to view the blueprint!)

World Day for Prevention, Healing and Justice to
End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents




Survivors of childhood sexual violence and allies, including Enough Is Enough®, are mobilizing today, November 18, 2021, to launch the inaugural “World Day for Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children & Adolescents.” The observance is already recognized as an official day by the Council of Europe and will be observed by communities around the world. 

The goal of #EndChildSexAbuseDay is to:

  • Acknowledge the magnitude of the global crisis of sexual violence against children and adolescents in every country around the world;
  • Call for systemic change in communities, countries, and globally to address this global crisis;
  • Call for long-term, sustained funding for organizations focused on #PreventionHealingJustice to ensure programs reach all children everywhere; 
  • Unite organizations and advocates across disciplines, promote partnerships, and share resources for effective #PreventionHealingJustice policies and full-scale programs that reach and safeguard all children everywhere; 
  • Ensure that survivor voices and experiences are heard, acknowledged, honored and included in governing and decision-making bodies. 

So far, stakeholders in over 60 countries, including the 47 countries of the European Council, Bolivia, Canada, India, Kenya, Nepal, USA, and many other countries, cities, and communities are joining forces to kickoff a global mobilization in support of the #EndChildSexAbuseDay #Nov18WorldDay.

You can do your part to help prevent the sexual exploitation of children! Be sure to share the hashtags above on social media and share this with a friend or family member!

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