April 28, 2020

CBN News: 'Traffickers Are Not Shut Down': Congressman Warns of Risk to Children & Other Victims

For those wondering how COVID-19 is affecting the world of sex trafficking, Rep. Chris Smith, (R-NJ) has a warning: traffickers have not stopped their exploitation, and victims may be more vulnerable than ever.

The long-time anti-trafficking advocate spoke to leaders in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) via a webinar on Monday. Smith cautioned "traffickers are not shut down – they haven't gone on holiday."...

Donna Rice Hughes, internet safety expert and president of Enough is Enough, says porn is not just a temptation for adults but also for young children who can get drawn in and start viewing before they realize what is happening.

"Kids as young as 10 years old, between eight and 10 years old, make up about 25 percent of the porn users of the under 18 category," she told CBN News...

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