August 31, 2020

Washington Internet Daily: Police, Advocates See Online Child Exploitation Surge as Result of Pandemic

Law enforcement is grappling with an increase in child exploitation as online activity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, police and child advocates said in interviews. Law enforcement officials cited cyber tip increases across the country. Advocates want more investigatory resources, national legislation and for Big Tech to be held accountable.

Enough Is Enough® CEO Donna Rice Hughes agreed PornHub is perpetuating the issue while making millions for spreading illegal content. She noted Attorney General William Barr said the department was at a breaking point in 2019, when 69 million illegal images and videos surfaced across the web. That criminal activity has exploded nationally means law enforcement is that much more ill-equipped to handle the issue. She said Congress should give law enforcement more resources and staff increases. She also backed passage of the Earn It Act...

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