April 30, 2020

AG: The Proliferation Of Child Porn

While the number of pornographic images has proliferated in recent years, the amount of videos and photos depicting children engaged in sex acts has escalated especially. The reasons are manifold.

For one, encrypted technologies on the dark web — the underground internet inaccessible to regular searchers — has made it easier for anonymous pornographers to share images with impunity. They connect to virtual private networks, which hide their locations. Minors and trafficked children are videoed at a younger and younger age, and in more horrific poses, creating a greater demand from customers.

In addition, numerous tech companies allow such criminal content to flourish on their platforms, underreporting images of discovered child abuse to authorities or failing to disclose them at all. More tech companies could use tools already available to identify children via photo DNA, asserts Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough Is Enough®, a Great Falls, Virginia-based nonprofit which has the goal of making the internet safer for children and families...

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