March 25, 2016

A Solitary Life

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Letter from Donna

Dear Friends,
When I was growing up, my grandmother, GG, would wrap her presents to my sister and me with the cover of a Christmas card as part of her festive wrapping.
I saved one of my favorite cards with the poem, "A Solitary Life", and  wanted to share it with you.
In these troubled times, with terror attacks occurring regularly, riots in the streets, troubled economies and broken homes,  people are seeking answers. 
I want to remind us all of the gift of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. All religions agree on one thing, and that is that Jesus was a great man and a great prophet.  Some believe as I do, that He is the Messiah and God Incarnate. Whatever your belief, I encourage you to read more about the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel accounts of his short earthly life of 33 years.
He summed up all of His teachings by instructing His followers to Love God and Love others as themselves.  If peoples of our world would practice His radical teachings, the world would indeed be a much more loving and peaceful place.
It starts with us.
Have a Blessed weekend.
Enough Is Enough® is a secular bi-partisan non profit organization. Donna Rice Hughes is a committed follower of Jesus.