May 12, 2022

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Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has made significant headway in its efforts to keep children and families safer online. Here is just some of the progress and impact we've made since the start of 2022!
EIE In the News
Broadcast and Print Media:
  • Real America’s Voice (April 8, 2022) EIE President Donna Rice Hughes weighs in on child sex abuse material and need for enhanced penalties for child predators

  • Behind The Badge: (April 1, 2022)Parents beware: Bullying, Pedophilia, Theft, Griefing, Doxing, Exploitation and Kill Stealing among on-line gaming risks - Behind the Badge (EIE's Donna Rice Hughes and Kathy Hatem quoted)

  • Voices Against Trafficking International Forum (March 30, 2022) Director of Communications Kathy Hatem shares need for EARN IT Act 

  • YES FM- (February 17, 2022) EIE policy consultant Bill Woolf shares on the realities and signs of human trafficking 

EIE Communications
Monthly EIE Communications Themes/Focus Areas

  • March: March Madness – Isn’t It “Madness” that Child Exploitation is Soaring on the Internet?

  • February: Safer Internet Day – What’s Your Internet Safety PLAN?

  • January: 5 Facts about Human Trafficking You May Not Know (Human Trafficking Awareness Month)

Advocacy, Rule of Law and New Policy
  • EIE's Kathy Hatem spoke at a press conference on behalf of EIE following the reintroduction of the EARN IT Act at the U.S. Senate Building, joining bi-partisan co-sponsors Senator Graham and Senator Blumenthal, and other key advocates.

  • This critical legislation removes blanket immunity from liability for social media and technology companies that knowingly facilitate the distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on their platforms.

Meetings on Capitol Hill

EIE has been meeting Congressional leaders and staff including Senator Graham, Grassley, Kaine, Scott & Cornyn and House leaders to:

  • advise on policies relating to child sexual exploitation, and,

  • state the need for legislation and aggressive enforcement of laws to prevent the online exploitation of children, and to provide tools and resources to support programs to protect children on the internet.

Advocating for Policy and Prioritization of Internet Safety Measures
  • EIE advocated in support of a Cyber Sexual Harassment (aka "revenge porn") statute (H4563) in South Carolina, which is one of two states remaining that does not have such legislation

  • EIE called on President Biden to appoint a coordinator within the White House Domestic Policy Council to elevate the priority of online sexual exploitation and abuse of children (OSEAC) issues across the government, as well as coordinate efforts and allocate resources in a whole-of-government approach, as part of a joint effort

  • Sent request for FY23 increases to assist in combating OSEAC to the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies

  • EIE called on the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament to put the rights of children at the heart of its upcoming legislation as it pertains to fighting online child exploitation and abuse in Europe

  • Urged Congress to enact a set of policy safeguards to protect children and teens online in coordination with the Designed with Kids in Mind coalition 

Advocating for Greater Corporate Responsibility

EIE continued to push for social media giants like Meta (who owns Facebook and Instagram) to stop targeting young children. To date, 18,388 have signed EIE's petition to CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

EIE continued to encourage business like the Marriott Corporation to implement Safe Wifi by filtering pornography and CSAM from their WiFI.
It is only due to your partnership and generosity that we can continue to "be there" with a listening ear and a helping hand. Thank you from all of us at Enough Is Enough®!