December 13, 2023

An unparalleled opportunity with unequaled urgency is before us today

Friends, we are thrilled to share the progress and impact made by Enough Is Enough® this past year, thanks to your generous support and advocacy. 

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Enough Is Enough® 2023 Progress and Impact Report

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our donors which has been critical to our success, as you will see in our Progress and Impact Report. 

As encouraged as we are with our progress, YOUR PROGRESS, there is much we need to do. Fighting the online exploitation of children is a marathon, a war with many battles yet to fight.

You can BE the difference in keeping children safer online by getting involved right now. The need has never been more urgent.


 Below are some key highlights that we accomplished together:

  • Our DC Metro Marketing and Public Awareness Campaign, calling for Congress, the Department of Justice, and parents to prioritize the protection of kids online reached hundreds of thousands! Video and digital campaigns included: "Rein in Big Tech,” "DOJ Do Your Job," and “Pick the Predator”. A digital billboard truck encircled Capitol Hill and the DOJ while Donna conducted man-on-the-street interviews.
  • Safe WiFiSM efforts were expanded to the hospitality industry with Marriott International’s announcement of a new Global Property Network Standardfor hotels to block child sexual abuse materials on the hotels’ WiFi – a big victory! We are in ongoing discussions with Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, and G6 Hospitality.
  • The Internet Safety 101® Academy is now in Phase 2 – we are converting EIEs award-winning curriculum and program to a state-of-the-art digital curriculum and developing new video and written content for both the parents and caregivers, and “train the trainer” modules for law enforcement and community leaders.
  • EIE partnered with the Virginia Office of the Attorney General to conduct The Protecting Kids Online Community Town Hall led by Attorney General Miyares and EIE. It was a huge success!
  • National media hits and earned media helped us reach tens of millions of households, including USA Today, Today Show, Fox News, National Review, CBN and Family Talk with Dr. Dobson.
  • Numerous federal legislative victories! Three bi-partisan bills (EARN IT Act, Kids Online Safety Act, COPPA 2.0) to mandate corporate accountability to protect kids online passed unanimously out of Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees.
  • Congress is including EIE-provided report language in the Federal budget calling on the DOJ to enforce federal obscenity laws (hard-core illegal pornography) for the third year in a row!!

I am writing to ask you to consider contributing to our Year End Protecting Kids Online Urgent Response Fund that we are building as part of our year-end campaign. Our goal is to raise $200,000 in December. 

There are the ‘senders’ and the ‘sent’. Thank you if you are already one of our 'senders'. If not, will you become a 'sender'? We need you on this journey with us!

Gifts to this fund will support our greatest needs – allowing us to respond quickly and to even get ahead of emerging online threats. Just as importantly, this fund is an investment in the future – it undergirds everything we do on a local, state and national scale.

In light of our accomplishments, children and adolescents are counting on us to keep them safer in the evolving digital world as it continues to expand in its reach, influence, impact and sophistication (think artificial intelligence!)

Our Board and staff are 100% committed to this important work – not only with our time and talents, but also with our personal financial support. We urgently need your support to continue the momentum our movement is gaining at the state and federal level. 

We are at a pivotal time in history on so many fronts. Our “David and Goliath” war against the multi-billion dollar child exploitation, pornography and trafficking criminal enterprises, coupled with Big Tech’s failure to put child online safety over corporate profits, means our fight is far from over. We must forge ahead in our efforts to help protect one child, one family, and one community at a time.

The good news is there is growing momentum growing around the issues surrounding the prevention of the online exploitation of children and teens. We need to be able to respond quickly when these truly life-changing opportunities arise.

An unparalleled opportunity with unequaled urgency is before us today. Since taking the national stage nearly 30 years ago to speak out about the harms that children and families face in the digital world, EIE continues be a pioneering leader in the online safety arena. As a 'sender', your support, will undergird our national and grassroots efforts to move forward with determination and resolve – and with a heartfelt desire to protect children.

With your generous support, we can advance our mission to "make the internet safer for children and families together!" 

For the sake of the children,

Donna Rice Hughes

CEO and President

Enough Is Enough®