July 8, 2016

Summer Safety, Sexting, TraffickCam, and...

Dear Friends,

Hope you are having a fantastic summer full of fun, sun and family. We have been super busy and wanted to send you some important updates.

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with my friend Barbara Walters for our sixth televised interview. We had a great time catching up, talking about media and politics and about all the positive impacts EIE has been making throughout our 23 year history as a pioneering leader for a safer Internet. The one-hour special will air in October.

As summer has heated up, so have the Internet risks to children since they are spending more leisure time on their Internet connected devices. Check out the new Safety and Prevention section of our website for the latest information on Summer CyberSafety for parents and grandparents to follow.

In case you missed our blog last week....

Forget about Facebook and Twitter, there's a new social media trend consuming teens' time everywhere. What is it? Disappearing apps, such as Burn Note, have quickly risen in popularity over the last few years, and parents should definitely be on high alert.

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Enough is Enough has been speaking out on the link between Internet pornogragphy, child exploitation and sex-trafficking for years. 

There is a new app, TraffickCam from the App Store that is now available to further help in the fight against trafficking. While you travel this summer, if you witness suspicious behavior you can report it and help put an end to sex-trafficking. Simply take a picture and upload it using the app. Your eyes, your observations, your help can go a long way in helping women and children caught in sex-trafficking. Taking a picture as you check out of your hotel room during your family vacation is a great way to begin a dialogue with your children about the link between Internet porn, sexting and trafficking.

We are all aware of the growing problem of sexting among our youth.
Here is an article of how one town has been hit with this problem, and how serious and rampant it is.

Here are some quick tips for parents to protect kids from sexting.

We have to be vigilant. 

Stay tuned for our Summer Internet safety blitz starting next week... We are on a roll. 

As always, thank you for any financial support you can give us, as donations in these summer months are lean. We need your support, and together we can help to ensure that kids are safe online.