July 25, 2019

Our Biggest Cell Phone Pet Peeves...

Hey Everybody,

We've all been there - that moment of sheer frustration when the person next to you just doesn't seem to understand cell phone etiquette. Chances are, we've all likely been guilty of having a lack of phone courtesy ourselves.

This topic has been on the top of our minds as July marks "Cell Phone Courtesy Month." The Enough Is Enough® team came up with a few of our own "cell phone pet peeves" to share:

  • Having a one-on-one lunch, dinner or meeting with someone, and the other person takes a non-emergency phone call lasting more than a minute.
  • Trying to enjoy time at the spa or somewhere relaxing and the person next to you is chatting loudly nonstop. 
  • Working out on the treadmill or other gym equipment and the person next to you engages in a lengthy video-conference call on speaker phone for all to hear the annoying two-way conversation.

#CellPhoneCourtesyMonth July 2019
See my 30 sec. video clip of my top pet peeve and etiquette advice here

We could go on and on, but NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! We'd love to hear about your cell phone pet peeves. Simply visit our Facebook post on the topic, and tell us what you've experienced! In the coming days, we'll compile responses to share on social media!

Finally, when you encounter someone who just doesn't seem to have the phone courtesy part down yet, instead of adding to an already frustrating situation, remember to take the high road and respond in a kind way. Start your conversation with "Would you mind..." or "It would be great if you could.."

Finally, use these experiences as a reminder to consider putting the phone down for a bit all together in an effort to be more present in each moment with people in the physical world. 

We look forward to hearing from you,

Donna and the EIE Team