November 22, 2016

Donald Trump, Barbara Walters and EIE

 EIE's November 2016 Newsletter

A Message From the President 

Dear Friends, 

As we pause this week to reflect on the our many blessings and to offer thanks , I want to let each of you know how very thankful our entire team is to all of you who have supported our efforts to make the Internet a safer place for children and families. Please take a moment to read below about a few of the key victories you helped us to accomplish!

With your support and generosity, we are making great progress on so many levels, and for that, were are truly thankful. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Shaping Policy

EIE reach out to the presidential nominees from both parties to support the  Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge, which urged the next President  to lead in preventing the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of youth online. President-Elect Donald J. Trump  signed the Pledge without hesitation; We look forward to working with his administration to make the Internet safer for children. We will also enthusiastically support  First Lady Melania Trump's efforts to combat cyberbullying, which is  an EIE core issue.

If you haven't already, will you sign the Citizens Pledge which will show the Trump administration how important the enforcement of existing federal laws is to concerned citizens like you?

Changing the Culture

Thanks to McDonald's for leading corporate America in the effort to filter their WiFi nationally, paving the course for others to follow suit, including Starbucks. EIE continues to encourage other restaurant chains, hotels, airlines and libraries to   filter child porn and porn from their WiFi. 

Next time you visit McDonald's, please remember that you helped us make their WiFi Safe!!


EIE In the News

Key Headlines:

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Print Media: 



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Teaching Your Kids to Combat Cyberbullying

Coming Up:

SAVE THE DATE:  EIE President Donna Rice Hughes's story and work as an Internet safety pioneer is featured in this one-hour interview With Barbara Walters.   

Mark you calendars for "Barbara Walters Presents"  premier airing on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 9 pm on The Discovery Channel.

End-of-the-year Giving Starts Now!

Please don't forget to include EIE in your end-of-the-year giving plans! Did you know that EIE is 100 PERCENT Donor Funded?  We are behind in our funding for 2016 and can't move forward without your financial support. There is still so much important work to be done. 

Please support our mission to make the Internet Safer for Children and Families with your most generous donation today, or become a regular partner by joining Donna’s Team, The President’s Circle or the CEO’s Circle

Internet Safety 101SM Teaching Materials

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