November 8, 2017

Two Huge Wins -- Two Huge Steps Forward

Sex Trafficking Legislation Unanimously Approved!

Teen Vogue Print Edition Is Shut Down! 

This is big! The Senate Commerce Committee just approved SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act)! Every member supported the markup of the proposed legislation...and you helped! Since Monday, EIE sent 8,170 online petition emails into the inboxes of every Senator on the Commerce Committee encouraging them to support SESTA!

What does this mean? This bi-partisan legislation was introduced to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) to help stop human trafficking and give victims legal recourse against those who have profited from their suffering and abuse -- including social media networks, advertisers and others who fail to keep exploitative materials off their platforms!

What happens next? Next, SESTA is off to the Senate Floor for a vote! 

How can you help? If you haven't already, please, let Congress know you want SESTA passed. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE LETTER TO THE ENTIRE U.S. SENATE NOW. Share this information with your friends and family. Let them know how very important it is for this legislation to pass!

If you have already done so, thank you for taking a stand against sex trafficking and for your support! 

This past summer, we told how Teen Vogue crossed the line by publishing a "How-to" Anal Sex Guide for its young readers. Nearly 28,000 of you signedEIE's petition to "Say No To Teen Vogue" and its promotion sexual activity to teens

The Good News: Its magazine publisher, Conde Nast, just announced that it will cease publication of the print edition of Teen Vogue Magazine! 

The Bad: Despite the print publication coming to a halt, Teen Vogue has yet to remove the online version of the anal sex guide, nor has it given the boot to its digital editor, Phillip Picardi, who responded to the public outrage over the article by offering the following on his Twitter page (his response is depicted in the graphic we prepared below): 

The Necessary: We need you to keep the heat turned up on Teen Vogue and demand they remove this article now! Please, sign the petition today and let the editors know that we won't stand for their "anal sex guide" - or ANY sex guide - for teens!

Sign EIE's petition here!

Let's see these victories through to the end once and for all! Thank you for standing with EIE and being agents of change!

President & CEO

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