October 4, 2021

Give 2 protect Kids & Deduct 50% More This Year!

I have several exciting opportunities to share with our generous friends, like you, to maximize your charitable giving and, in some cases, give more than you ever dreamed possible to help Enough Is Enough® (EIE) advance our mission to prevent the online sexual exploitation and abuse of children!
Under the CARES Act, you can deduct gifts made directly to EIE up to 100% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) this year! 
Two ways to get to 100% giving:
  1. Option 1 (All Cash) - You can deduct Cash gifts made directly to EIE up to 100% of your AGI.
  2. Option 2 (Cash and Non-cash Assets) - You could also get creative and make a gift of 30% in assets such as business interests, real estate or other, and then the remaining 70% in cash. 
Benefits of 100% AGI Giving in 2021:
  • The new law allows you to deduct 40-50% more than you could in prior years.
  • It still allows for any Non-cash gifts you planned to give at up to 30% of your income
I am also pleased to announce that EIE has opened a single charity fund with the National Christian Foundation (NCF), who can help our generous partners, like you, develop intentional giving strategies for greater impact. 
With Non-cash giving to EIE, you can tap into the power of all your resources to save taxes and help EIE more than you ever thought possible. 
You multiply your impact when you give appreciated assets, including: 
  • Appreciated securities – Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Business interests – Ownership in closely-held businesses
  • Real estate – Land, houses, or other property
  • Personal property – Royalties, copyrights, patents, or gold
  • Other creative gifts – Loan notes, estate gifts, retirement plans
These Non-cash gift options allow you to help Fund the Fight to End Child Exploitation on the Internet, without spending your current disposable income. We've got more details on our giving page to help you. To have someone connect with you about a potential non-cash gift, please fill out the form found on the link here.
Our children are our most precious resource. Your partnership is critical to our efforts to make the Internet safer for children and families.
I hope you will consider taking advantage of these strategic philanthropic opportunities. 
Please reach out to Jack Hughes, our Vice President, at 703-626-8332 or at jackhughes@erols.com if you need any guidance or to arrange a call with our team at NCF. 
For the Sake of the Children,