February 2, 2021

Teen Vogue's Latest Outrage - You Won't Believe What They are Teaching Kids Now!

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“Porn that portrays fantasies about nonconsensual sex, for instance, isn’t necessarily misogynist if it centers on characters’ pleasure and agency.” -- Teen Vogue

Did you read that correctly? Teen Vogue's "sex advice" columnist Nona Willis Aronowitz is actually sharing this and other harmful advice to tweens and teens in her recent article, "Is Watching Porn Bad? What You Need to Know”.

The Bad: This statement is flat-out wrong. Porn depicting and even glamorizing non-consensual or violent sex is harmful for many reasons including:

  • The promotion of the rape myth: the notion that women want to be sexually violated and that they enjoy being taken by force; 
  • Its negative impact upon victims of sexual assault through the perpetuation of victim-blaming, which can retraumatize survivors and discourage them from reporting their assault; 
  • Desensitizing and normalizing viewers to rape, sexual violence and other forms of sexual exploitation, and as such, can lead to a greater propensity to commit sexual assault.

One Twitter post read: “Thanks for this article about how we can all enjoy rape porn. Are you going to cover child porn next?”

Bottom line, Pornography is NOT Just Harmless Fun. Peer-reviewed research confirms porn harms youth in the following ways: fueling addiction, decreasing their brain's grey matter, decreasing mental and physical well-being, compromising development, increasing the risk of sexually aggressive behavior and "acting out", among others.

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The Good: You're making a BIG difference and your VOICES are being HEARD!

Teen Vogue editors are feeling the heat from EIE's petitions. They are back-peddling, retracting, and clarifying their reckless content. Here's how they responded to your outcry!

Our 2017 "Say No To Teen Vogue" Petition Campaign (45,800 signors) in response to their irresponsible tutorial, “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know/How to Do it the Right Way,” stated: "This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.” It did not even mention the use of protection or the health risks associated with anal sex, including the risk of HIV! 

Here's What They're Saying Now:  “This article has been updated to include the importance of using protection during anal sex.” “According to the CDC, you may be more vulnerable to contracting STIs or HIV if you have anal sex…”

Our 2020 "Shut Down Teen Vogue" Petition Campaign (48,440 signors) in response to their dangerous article, "How to Sext: The Best Tips and Tricks" tells kids that "sexting should make you feel good." It encourages underage youth to sext, i.e. create and share sexual photos/videos of themselves (child pornography), subjecting children to multiple risks including the potential of committing a felony.

?Here's What They're Saying Now: “It is illegal for an adult to show a minor pornography, and any form of watching or distributing child porn is illegal, as it well should be. (This is also why texting one’s own nude selfies is legally risky depending on the state you're in).” 

Parents, despite these article "updates," it is Definitely NOT enough. 

You have helped us hold them accountable over the years. If you haven’t done so already, please sign our petition today, once again demanding Conde Nast Shut Down Teen Vogue once and for all. Enough Is Enough® already!

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P.S. - For victims of sexual assault, we have helpful resources here.