July 28, 2016

We are not only changing our Culture, we are changing the World, Thanks to you!

Dear Friend;

We did it together!  I am overwhelmed with the enormous success we are experiencing with the National Porn-Free WiFi campaign, which we launched in the fall of 2014! Two weeks ago we announced TWO major victories!

Victory 1: McDonald's began to filter their public WiFi from pornography and child pornography in January in their company owned restaurants and urged their franchises to do the same. I have been working behind the scenes with McDonald's all this time and waiting to announce the victory that nearly all of McDonald's 14,000 stores nationwide are providing safe, filtered WiFi!!


Starbucks, however, was completely unresponsive to the certified letters I sent to their CEO, cosigned by 75 groups in our Porn Free WiFi Coalition accompanied by the 46,500 petitions signed by friends like you.  But we got them to change their mind in only TWO DAYS! 

Victory 2: After a flurry of positive media about McDonald's WiFi filtering and headlines reading, "You can't get porn in McDonald's... so you will have to go to Starbucks!" and the launch of our  new petition signed by hundreds that flooded the inboxes of  Starbucks' CEO and Board members.... They finally cried "Enough Is Enough®!"

Starbucks announced they will be filtering WiFi in their company owned stores in America AND that they are planning to implement a Global Policy to filter child porn and porn worldwide! THIS IS HUGE!

The National Porn Free WiFi Campaign has now become the Global Porn Free WiFi Movement!  

The campaign started with a vision to urge McDonald's and Starbucks, both based in America, to implement WiFi filtering to block child porn and porn in their stores in the USA and to lead corporate America to provide safe WiFi.  Why these two giant companies? Because they were the first big companies to filter WiFi in the UK over three years ago!   

We - you -- made history TWICE in one week. This is a feat that has never been accomplished amongst advocacy groups like ours. 

To put into context just how momentous this effort is, the estimate of places that will now have porn-free WiFi in the U.S., between McDonalds with their 14,000 stores and Starbucks with 8,000, amounts to 22,000 public WiFi hotspots across the country. 22,000 porn-free  hotspots!.


Our work isn't over... its just beginning.  The world now connects through WiFi.. Our vision is to expand to other major restaurants, like Burger King, as well as shopping malls, hotels, airports, airlines, schools, libraries, and more. 

There are many obvious reasons why we need corporate America to filter their public WiFi as I mentioned in my op-ed on Fox Newswhich you can read here.

Wars are won by winning multiple battles for as long as it takes. The tide is turning and we need your help to leverage the momentum.  Will you partner with us in this fight by giving today?  Any amount you can give will ensure that we can continue to make history. 

Our goal is to raise $22,000 in 22 days which represents the 22,000 restaurants that have or will shut off access to WiFi child porn and porn in McDonalds and Starbucks.  With 14,000 McDonalds stores around the country, joined by the 8,000 Starbucks will be filtering, 22,000 represents a monumental number!


Here's how you can help:

1. Make a tax-deductible donation today to ensure that we can take on other corporate entities. Any amount $1000,  $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or even $10 . Click here to learn more!

2. Join the National Porn Free WiFi Coalition. We now have over 75 organizations involved.   . If your company or organization would like to sign on... we welcome you. 

3. Join the Porn Free WiFi Movement and sign your name here. Every time we start a new campaign, we will include your name as a member of the Movement.  

You can helps us to accomplish more victories to protect children and families from online  sexual exploitation.

We need your help, and we need it now. $22,000 for the 22,000. There is more WiFi to be filtered, and we cannot do it without you. 


Thank you in advance for your contribution, and thank you for your continued support. We cannot do this without you.

Yours in the Fight,

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Donna Rice-Hughes

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PSS: If you need a little more inspiration, you can check out the extensive national media coverage that we garnered here and our press releases here.