December 30, 2020

Real Children are Being Harmed; See Recent Grooming and Kidnapping Case

Dear Friend,

As we reflect upon one of the most challenging years in modern history, I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and well this holiday season. 

The mission of Enough Is Enough®SM (EIE) is more critical than ever. 

Savvy predators, traffickers, pornographers, and cyberbullies have seized upon the pandemic to prey on children who are spending increased time online for virtual learning and entertainment, resulting in increased risk to children. 

Just last week, CNN reported that a vulnerable 12-year-old girl was rescued from a predatory pedophile who groomed her on a social media site for two months, got her to send him nude pictures of herself and eventually, manipulated her into meeting him. Thankfully, law enforcement eventually rescued her and caught the 40-year-old predator who operated a website for raping children. 

Friend, this is the very type of tragedy that EIE works to PREVENT. Will you join us in this battle and Fund The Fight Now? Real children and families are depending on you and EIE. 

The numbers do not lie. Please remember that just like little girl mentioned above, the below numbers represent real children who are suffering daily at the hands of sexual predators who are using the Internet to Prey Where Children Play. 

The attack against America’s children has skyrocketed in 2020:

  • 98% increase in child enticement and grooming reports (1/20-9/20 compared to the same period in 2019, NCMEC, 7/16/2020);
  • 63.31% increase in images and videos of child sex abuse material (CSAM), depicting children as young as infants, reported to the national CyberTipline (1/20-9/20 compared to the same period in 2019);
  • 40% increase in reports of sex trafficking crisis cases by the Trafficking Hotline (compared to the month prior to lockdown); 
  • 80% increase in parents searching for online help in dealing with cyberbullying (Google Trends Report, July 2020);
  • 186% increase in sext attempts by children during the lockdown (, 6/24/ 2020). 

Throughout the pandemic, parents, the media, NGO’s, and even the White House have turned to EIE for reliable information and expertise regarding how to protect children in an increasingly toxic digital environment.

We've made significant strides through our pioneering campaigns and programs which you can read about in our 2020 Year In Review, which have made their way across America. Here are a few highlights:

Educated tens of millions of American households with vital information to better protects kids online;

Demanded the removal of CSAM from online platforms, streaming services, and public WiFi;

Launched national advocacy and petition campaigns engaging tens of thousands of activists and the national media to hold major corporations like Netflix and Condé Nast accountable for sexually exploitive child content;

Sent The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge to former VP Joe Biden for signature during the election cycle and continue to pursue his Pledge commitment;

Worked closely with the White House, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and Congress to advance The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge commitments made by President Trump, resulting in historic achievements.

Children and families need our help now more than ever. There has never been a more important year for EIE than the one ahead of us. =

EIE’s ability to carry out existing programs and advance new efforts depends entirely on the loyalty and financial support of our best advocates such as yourself. 

Fund the Fight! Join our funding family by making a tax-deductible donation, or become an ongoing partner:

Thank you in advance for considering your most generous year-end contribution or a recurring gift..

All of us at EIE wish you a wonderful New Year as you celebrate with family and friends — whether near, far, or socially distanced. 

Donna Rice Hughes

President, Enough Is Enough®

PS. - New tax laws through the CARES Act may help you determine your giving. We have a helpful resource here to help guide you in your decision.