February 12, 2019

Flood the Internet With Kindness! We've Made It Easy to Do!

Random Posts of Kindness and Sweet Tweets Inspiring An Online Kindness Epidemic!

Join Us in Creating a Kinder Internet by Sharing Uplifting Posts With Others This Valentine's Day and During Random Acts of Kindness Week!


Everyone can use an extra dose of kindness, and what a better way to make someone's day by than to send words of gratitude or appreciation! When you do so, you model to others in both the online and offline world how to treat one another with kindness, decency and respect. 
Inspired by our passionate desire to create an online epidemic of kindness, EIE launched "Random Posts of Kindness" and a special Valentine’s initiative, "Sweet Tweets." 
We've created a platform of original graphics containing positive and uplifting messages for anyone to share on social media, which can also be personalized.
Send a special message this Valentine's Day, on Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb. 17), throughout Random Acts of Kindness Week ("RAK Week") Feb 18 - 22, or anytime throughout the year! Let's encourage one another to use the Internet in a positive way to make the world a better place.


Share provided designs to tell a friend, loved one, or co-worker: "Sending you a smile!" or "You make this world a better place!" 


?Write your own encouraging post using our graphics and share on social! It's that easy!



#RandomPostsofKindness, #SweetTweets 

How we treat one another online and offline matters. As we demonstrate respect and civility, and are intentional about building others up in our online interactions, we can begin to see a reduction in cyberbullying, revenge porn, sexual predators, child pornography and other ills of the online world.
Let’s turn our focus to using the Internet for good – modeling online behaviors that teach our kids how to use these tools in a positive way, allowing this generation to impact the world in a great way! Let’s together inspire others to take the High Road. Today, and every day, we each can do our own part to flood the Internet with kindness and inspire a culture-shift in the way we utilize the digital world!