January 18, 2024

Epoch Times: Legislators Race to Protect Minors From AI Deepfake Exploitation

‘It’s kind of scary. We have a good child pornography law here that is pretty broad, but it doesn’t address AI’

Amid increasing reports from young girls and their parents about deepfake AI-generated sexual images landing on the phones of classmates, neighbors, and child predators, some state legislators are rushing to enact legislation to protect minors.

In response to incidents such as the victimization of a 14-year-old girl at a New Jersey school, who suffered due to AI-generated nude photos appearing on her classmates’ phones, several legislative bills have been publicly introduced.

“We started dealing with this in the 90s when we advocated the passage of legislation to regulate the internet and how to extend laws governing illegal content and activity. “Back then we called it morphed child porn where a photographer would create an image using the face of a child and body of another,” Enough is Enough’s president and chairman Donna Rice Hughes told The Epoch Times.

"Now you have AI-morphed computer-generated content that’s impossible to tell if it’s a real child or not.”

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