June 29, 2022

Where exactly are your kids spending their time online? Do you really know?

DO YOU KNOW which online accounts your children use, including social media and gaming sites, messaging and e-mail? As a child can be subject to cyberbullying, be asked to share explicit images/videos or even come into contact with a child predator, it's critical parents and caregivers are truly aware of where a child spends his or her time in the digital world!

  • Routinely review all apps and websites accessed by your child. Make sure you are added to your child’s “Friend list" and follow them on social media or any other accounts, because if their profiles are set to private (as they should be!) you will not be able to view any of their information. 

  • Know your child's usernames and passwords on all accounts created for their use to ensure any need for immediate access.

  • Not sure your child has an online profile? Conduct a simple online search through the site or by typing his/her name into a search engine (e.g., Google, Bing). 

  • Be aware of not only what your child is posting, but what other kids are posting about your child. Before allowing children to use social media or gaming sites, familiarize yourself with the content on the site and thoroughly review the safety practices and privacy tools available.

Popular social media sites used by teens including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat, among others, require children to be at least 13 before they can create an account, but do not have age-verification technology to keep younger children from lying about their age. Be sure to know which apps your child uses as anyone can easily create an account...and even "hide" it. Learn more about resources for monitoring tools and parental controls here.

We hope you have found the information shared throughout Internet Safety month helpful. At Enough Is Enough®, we are committed to educating, empowering and equipping you with the information needed to keep your child safer on the internet year-round!

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