September 8, 2023

A Special Grandparent's Day Message from A Very Special Grandfather and EIE Supporter

Dear Friends,

It is such a blessing on Grandparents Day to remember the joy my wife and I felt watching the beautiful moments and milestones of our six grandchildren; five are grown now and our youngest granddaughter just turned 9. My heart swells when I think of the amazing people they have become.

Like any grandparent, I am concerned for all of our grandchildren -- especially for our youngest granddaughter who uses the internet and her iPhone. Even though her devices have parental controls set along with privacy settings, I still feel anxiety about all the bad things in the world--in both the physical and digital world--that can harm her or any child. These concerns include child predators, traffickers, cyberbullies, sextortionists and others. That’s why I support Enough Is Enough® (EIE)– because the EIE team works tirelessly to protect all children from becoming victims of these internet risks.

As parents and grandparents, we try our hardest, every single day, to keep our children and grandchildren safe from harm and danger. It is reassuring to know that Enough Is Enough® is there to help! EIE is a partner we can trust to lead the charge in making the internet safer for them.

Please join me today in supporting Enough Is Enough® -- on behalf of all the children and grandchildren in our lives.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Lt. General Mick Kicklighter

Enough Is Enough® Chairman of the Board, proud father, grandfather and EIE donor