October 11, 2016

Stop Disney Themed Porn



Dear Friends and Partners in the Movement,

We need your help. What I am about to tell you will shock you, but its true. 

For 15 years, we at Enough Is Enough®® , have patiently urged Disney executives to take action to stop the proliferation of Disney themed hard-core porn sites, in particular, Disneypornland. These sites-are a clear violation of Disney's copyrighted brand as well as its signature cartoon characters. 

They portray beloved Disney characters performing graphic sexual acts with one another. 

Sorry parents and grandparents, they are all there. Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, and more.Why? Because the multi-billion Internet porn industry has successfully used deceptive and misleading marketing tactics to trick online users to get them to their porn sites.

 I've avoided making this issue more public out of concern that traffic to these sites would explode and millions of curious seekers would be exposed to the disturbing videos and images that would be difficult to erase from their minds. Trust me, don't look, don't search. You can't "unsee it". If you don't believe me, you can simply view our Internet Safety 101SM teaching series film trailor here in which I use a Disneypornland, with blurred images, as an example of the misuse of popular cartoon characters. 

I first brought this issue to Disney in 1999 and several times since then. I had hoped that Disney would have taken aggressive action to enforce their copyrights. But today, sadly, Disneypornland has not been taken down and has only grown to incorporate the newest and most popular Disney characters. And it's gotten much worse, My recent Google search on Disney-themed porn yielded more than 12,600,000 search returns. In other words, there a many other obscene porn sites that are now exploiting and capitalizing the Disney brand and characters. 

Why? Because they can.  Only Disney has the muscle and legal authority to take action.

Disney themed porn is a serious issue. Online pornographers will stop at nothing, and don't believe for a minute they are not after your kids. 

Pornographers understand that the sexually exploitative pornography they produce and distribute is highly addictive. If they can get children hooked at a young age when they are curious, their hormones are raging and their brains and bodies are underdeveloped, they will likely have a consumer for life unless the addiction cycle is broken.

 "I think about every person in this generation, and probably the one before us, have all looked up pornography once in their life. Even if you're not looking for it, you could be innocent on the computer...and it'll find you." -- Zach, 15 yr.old, Internet Safety 101SM DVD

Will join us in  urging Disney to aggressively  pursue the shutdown popular Disney-themed porn sites, for the sake of children and families in America and all over the world? 

Please sign this petition today. It is going to the inboxes of 7 top Disney executives. We are not messing around. Enough Is Enough®!

Thank you for the sake of children and families worldwide,

Yours in the Fight,

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