July 15, 2021

You Asked...And Big Tech is Responding!




We have lots of exciting news that has transpired in the past few weeks to share with you! Enough Is Enough® (EIE) has been calling for Big Tech accountability for decades! With your help, our voices are being heard!

The Pornography site XTube is shutting down! It is one of many sites owed and operated by MindGeek, the same company that owns Pornhub. It's a HUGE WIN for all who have been victimized and exploited by these platforms, and those in the movement who are holding the multi-billion pornography industry accountable.

EIE's petition demands the Department of Justice aggressively enforce all existing laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, including child sex abuse material, sexual predation, sex trafficking AND obscenity laws, starting with MindGeek/Pornhub. 

?Please, if you haven't already done so, take a stand for all who have been exploited and are demanding justice and sign EIE's petition now! 

EIE will stay in the fight until the entire MindGeek empire crumbles!

Google has announced new safety measures for its Chromebook, given to millions of K-12 school kids for learning, to include age-based access settings; SafeSearch and SafeSites will now be on by default. Students can view YouTube content assigned by teachers, but they won’t be able to post videos, comment or live stream using their school Google account, according to a Google rep. It's high time these measures have been put into place to protect kids from harmful material, predators, and other internet threats!

TikTok announced it is rolling out technology that will automatically remove videos showing nudity, sexual activity, violence, and other content that violates its safety policy for minors. The wildly popular app used among teens allows users to create 15 second videos, and is soundtracked by music clips. 

These are great victories for children and families! While each represents progress, we're just scratching the surface when it comes to Big Tech responsibility and accountability. Together, we can end the online sexual exploitation of children and women. Won't you consider your most generous gift today to help EIE in this fight to protect our children?

Thanks for standing with us!

Donna and the EIE Team