February 27, 2019

FAITHWIRE: Pornography Fuels Sexual Abuse, And College Campuses Need to Take Action to Fix It

Identifying a problem is the easy part; it's solving it that takes a lot of work.

That's where a recent study from Duke University has left college administrators — in the space between awareness and action, a place many unfortunately never leave, according to Enough Is Enough® founder Donna Rice Hughes.

New research from The Duke Chronicle revealed nearly half of all female undergraduate students — 48 percent — claim they have been sexually assaulted since enrolling at the university. Fourteen percent of undergraduate males said they, too, have been sexually assaulted since starting their studies at Duke.

"This is one of the frustrating things about our work," Hughes, who has been working for years to curb consumption of pornography and make the internet a safer place, told Faithwire. "We deal a lot with the problem and we don't focus too much on the prevention of it."...

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