December 14, 2017

Vogue is still at it with Tweens and Teens

Hey Folks,

Apparently Teen Vogue still doesn't get it. While they have ceased its print publication, they're still running fast and furious with and are entrenched more than ever in reaching today's teens and tweens by pushing sex advice and guides that are beyond their years and their threaten their personal health! 

We've told you about this summer's "Guide to Anal Sex" for its young readers, which despite national outrage, was followed up last month by featuring Harvard University's anal sex workshop: "What What In The Butt: Anal 101." 

Clearly, the 28,00 plus petitions signed by concerned citizens like you in opposition of promoting sex acts of any types to teens and tweens were not enough as they keep the articles coming, including last week's headline "Vibrator Pulsates to the Beat of Christmas Music." Is this for real?

Further, the indoctrination of Teen Vogue editors to is young readers is undoubtedly strategic as they continue to cover up their own agenda. Just last week they scheduled high profile speakers such as Hillary Clinton at the Teen Vogue Summit. The event--in their own words--was designed to "inspire, educate--and yes, sell to--the readers of what ceased to be a traditional magazine..."

Friends, why aren't parents of the average teen or tween part of this dialogue? We must let others know what is being fed to our teens and tweens. I've said it before and will say it again - a mainstream teen fashion should not promote sexual activity of any kind. Most parents want to and should be the primary source for teaching their children about healthy sexuality.

I say let's make our voices be heard even more loud and clear... and add to our numbers by signing the petition that will go directly to the editors. We won't stop until our voices are heard, and until any and all sex articles pushed toward teens and tweens are taken down.

Finally, 28,000 of you have already cared enough to sign this petition, and upon reading this, those numbers will climb even more. If every single signor would be willing to donate $25 or more, that would allow EIE to turn up the heat on Teen Vogue even higher! You donation --the cost of two movie tickets--can help us not only stand against the horrific articles featured on, but also pioneer new efforts and build on the momentum of EIE's recent successes! Please, won't you donate now?

Thank you for fighting with us to protect the safety and innocence of our children.

President & CEO 

Enough Is Enough®