June 21, 2021

The Dominoes are starting to fall...

MindGeek's Pornhub: 

The 3-Plus Billion-Dollar-a-Year Criminal Enterprise is Being Dismantled, One Victory at a Time! 

Dear Friends,

Remember we told you last month that the Canadian government hauled MindGeek Execs into a Parliamentary committee hearing to answer for their abusive and criminal content on their multi-billion dollar Pornhub digital platform? 

We are excited to report back to you that the Committee on Information, Privacy, and Ethics issued a report last week that calls for significant changes to the Canadian government and law enforcement to hold online pornographers liable for breaking criminal laws in Canada. 

Check it out here.

We are grateful to our coalition partners who provided convincing testimony as well as the many brave survivors who shared their heart-wrenching stories of sexual exploitation that occurred right under the collective noses of MindGeek executives. 

Videos of children and young women being brutally sexually abused, raped and tortured abound on Pornhub. Additionally, images and videos of victims are constantly uploaded to Pornhub as in case of survivor Serena Fleites, who testified at the Canadian hearing about her repeated attempts to have Pornhub remove a sexually explicit video of her, posted without her consent when she was only 14 years old! 

There are untold thousands of stories just like Serena's. We need your help to magnify their voice and speak up for those who don't have a voice. 

 According to NCMEC, trends in recent years include: 

“a tremendous increase in sexual abuse videos reported to NCMEC, reports of increasingly graphic and violent sexual abuse images, and videos of infants and young children.”

?A few days ago, Instagram shut down Pornhub's account on its platform, which had 12.5 million followers! But the porn lobby got the pornography site back up on Instagram temporarily. 

Social media platforms are starting to pay attention. We need your help to push for Instagram and all other digital platforms to remove Pornhub and other extreme porn sites permanently. 

As you know, we have been aggressively laboring to hold criminal enterprises like Pornhub liable for violating U.S. Federal laws including violations of child sex abuse material (child pornography), sex trafficking, and hard-core obscenity laws. 

The reason pornographers like MindGeek are getting away with their crimes against humanity is because government's law enforcement agencies aren't aggressively enforcing the existing laws, not even in the U.S.!

Enough Is Enough® is leading the U.S. effort! The White House, DOJ, and State AGs have consistently heard from us but they need to hear from you…. demanding they TAKE ACTION NOW.

Please, SIGN OUR PETITION demanding DOJ aggressively enforce all existing laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, including child pornography, sexual predation, sex trafficking AND obscenity laws, starting with Pornhub.

Together, we can end the online sexual exploitation of children and women. Won't you consider your most generous gift today? 

Thank you in advance for joining the movement EIE began in 1994 to make the internet safer for children and families.

Donna Rice Hughes
CEO/President of Enough Is Enough®