May 4, 2021

Donna Rice Hughes "In the News": Protect Your Children from Dangerous Tech Threats

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EIE President Donna Rice Hughes recently gave two media interviews addressing child safety in today's digital word. 

Given the pandemic increases in child sexual exploitation, trafficking, grooming and extreme pornography online, every parent and grandparent needs to watch the important interviews below to learn about the current and increasing threats children are facing on the internet and ways to keep them safer.

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VirTru Live Training: 

Dangerous Tech Trends

Donna Rice Hughes joins VirTru Founder and Founder of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, Leslee Unruh, to discuss the latest research, trends and tips for parents navigating technology alongside their children. 

Click Here to Watch (22:30)

Internet Pornography Is More Accessible Than Ever; How to Protect Your Kids

EIE President Donna Rice Hughes worked with KBJR 6's Ryan Haff for a special report on the harms of online pornography upon children. Watch this important report to hear from Duluth mothers, sexual health therapists and Donna about the best ways to protect your children from this ever-present danger. 

Click here to watch (5:17)

EIE has been educating, empowering and equipping parents with the information and tools they need to keep their child safer on the internet since 1994. We believe that knowledge truly is power when it comes to protecting your child. 

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