December 16, 2021

Singer Billie Eilish Suffers from Harms of Explicit Garbage, EIE Has Been Warning for 30 years!

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Award-winning singer Billie Eilish courageously speaks out about harms of online pornography

Viewing pornography isn’t “harmless fun”!

Musician Billie Eilish, 19, revealed this week she had been exposed to “abusive” pornography since the age of 11, and as a result suffered from nightmares. 

We are grateful she shared her personal experience, which we hope will prevent others from being harmed from exposure to such explicit content and wish her well.

Sadly, her story is all too common. The viewing of online pornography has become normalized and acceptable in society. Children under the age of 10 now account for 22% of online porn consumption among those under age 18; 10-14-year-olds make up 36% of minor consumers. Popular themes depict teen rape, choking, incest, strangulation and violence. 

This graphic content, deemed obscene under Federal law and not protected under the First Amendment, has been left unchecked for the majority of the past two decades as obscenity laws have not been prosecuted. 

The Department of Justice has failed to uphold the rule of law to aggressively enforce obscenity laws, and until it prioritizes obscenity prosecution, countless millions of children’s lives will be shattered. You can help by signing EIE's petition below:


Pornography fuels the sexual exploitation of children, leading to sexual addiction, decreased mental and physical well-being, warped sexual templates, sexual predation and sex trafficking. 

Peer-reviewed research confirms increased pornography use is linked to decreased grey matter and reduced functional connectivity in the brain. Tragically, it is destroying childhood innocence.

“Courtney,” who shared her experience with Enough Is Enough® in the filming of its groundbreaking Internet Safety 101® program filmed in 2007, said that at the age of 13, " "The boys she’d been with expected her to act just like the girls do in porn." 

Nearly a decade-and-a-half later, children and youth routinely share similar, horrifying experiences. There is no excuse. Our children deserve better!

Hear what Courtney, other teens and experts have to share about the Harms of Pornography:

Pornography 101: Harms of Pornography

Friends, EIE's been warning others of these dangers since 1994 and fighting to get the laws enforced and parents empowered.

Young people like Billie and Courtney and millions of others, should not have to suffer the devastation caused by extreme pornography. This CAN be prevented if we all do our part and demand accountability from porn titans and DOJ!

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For more information about the harms of pornography and to view helpful resources, please click here.

Thanks for standing and fighting with us to make the Internet safer for children. Their innocence is worth fighting for. 

Donna Rice Hughes
President and CEO
Enough Is Enough®