November 12, 2019

Join EIE November 14 on Capitol Hill for Event Announcing Alliance to End Human Trafficking

Please join us for this important event on Thursday, November 14!¬†Kathy Hatem, Director of Communications for Enough Is Enough® (EIE), will be speaking along with Members of Congress, Law Enforcement Officials and other representatives of nonprofit organizations.¬†EIE, a founding member of The Alliance, is dedicated to defending child dignity in the digital world and combating the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

Launch of the Alliance To End Human Trafficking
Thursday, November 14, 2019
Capitol Hill Visitor Center- Main Entrance
First Street and East Capitol Street - Washington DC
Room HVC-215

A Message from the Co-Chairs:

We would like to personally invite you and any guests to the launch of our newly formed Alliance to End Human Trafficking. The Alliance is a dedicated group of concerned citizens in the United States and Mexico working to end human trafficking and committed to the basic cause of raising awareness, educating and providing solutions to the public. We believe that knowledge is power and collectively we are committed to erasing this horror and human plight. The Alliance will raise awareness through various media platforms, town halls, social events, the creation of a dedicated conference and a march against all forms of human trafficking in Washington, DC, slated for late Spring 2020. We are focused on putting an end to the business of stealing freedom for profit.

Please join us, Members of Congress, dignitaries, survivors, law enforcement and the public to learn more and show your support for the dedicated groups and nonprofits working together to eradicate modern day slavery.

Please contact us at 646-456-0643 should you have any questions.

Thank you.


Lynn Shaw and Blanquita Cullum