October 8, 2016

Vote to ask Trump and Clinton these three questions during Sunday's Debate...


Vote for Internet Sexual Exploitation Questions to be Asked of Trump and Clinton During Sunday's Debat

Dear Enough Is Enough®® Friends and Partners,

There is a unique opportunity for your voice to be heard at this Sunday's Presidential debate! Debate organizers have offered the public an opportunity to weigh in on potential questions to be asked during the debate. As you  know, Donald Trump signed Enough Is Enough®'s Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge which asks the Presidential Nominees to uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforce existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, including the obscenity, child pornography, sexual predation & sex trafficking laws. Secretary Clinton sent a letter of support for the Pledge.

We have submitted the following three questions that are being voted on NOW addressing solutions to prevent the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children. Will you vote for each of the questions below? (You can vote for all three!)  If we get enough votes, one of our questions may be asked of the candidates in Sunday night's debate!

Here are the questions:

Question # 1:  Internet Safety is the 4th top health issue for children, and online pornography was recently declared a public health crisis.What will you do to prevent the Internet-enabled exploitation of children?

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Question #2: Past administrations have not aggressively enforced obscenity laws or adequately funded child pornography, predation, and sex trafficking laws.Why should parents trust you to protect their kids online?

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Question #3:  The sexual exploitation of children online by pornographers, predators and traffickers online are epidemic. Backpage CEO was just arrested. How will you enforce existing laws to prevent online exploitation of children?

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Thank you for your kind consideration! Please share this email with your family and friends. We need your help to get one of these questions asked this Sunday night! 
Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO

Enough Is Enough®®