March 14, 2024

Let's Stop the Madness when it comes to the Online Exploitation of our Children!

While the arrival of "March Madness" represents the energy and excitement surrounding the collegiate basketball conference tournaments, we at Enough Is Enough® are reminded of the "madness" that takes place off the courts and in the digital world where children spend much of their time.

Online exploitation has irreparable consequences for children, none of which are immune. Offenders are growing bolder, resulting in one of the biggest challenges ever faced. For years now, the volume of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) that offenders distribute and share online has been exploding. The expansion of digital and mobile technology has contributed to a 422% increase in the number of production offenders sentenced over a 15-year period (2005 to 2019). 

From online predators and sex traffickers to hard-core pornography, CSAM, sexting, cyberbullying, and social media risks, EIE programs and initiatives tackle these issues head-on, reducing online exploitation and equipping and challenging each sector with the information and tools they need to prevent it.

EIE has led the fight against online exploitation since launching the internet safety movement in 1994 and continues to educate and equip parents and caretakers nationally with the information, tools and resources needed to protect their children online.

Together, we must "stop the madness" that continues to threaten the wellbeing of children and youth in the digital world. You can join EIE by helping us call on public officials at the highest levels to:

With your help today, we can launch a full-court press against the dark forces which threaten the innocence, dignity and safety of our youth.

Please, join us today. Fund the Fight and help us win this battle against our fiercest opponents!



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