February 2, 2024

Tech CEOs grilled during Senate Hearing - EIE Conutes push for Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Kids Online


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"Big Tech and the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Crisis" 

(screenshot from judiciary.senate.gov)

Pictured: EIE CEO Donna Rice Hughes with EIE Communications Director Kathy Hatem

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing calling on the CEOs of Meta, X (formerly Twitter), Snap, Discord, and TikTok to testify regarding their platforms' failures to protect children and teens from online abuse and exploitation.

Enough Is Enough® was present for the hearing in support of legislation to keep kids safe online, and in support of families whose children were exploited online or even lost their lives. It was evident from the hearing, as well as decades of industry's failure to self-regulate, that legislation is needed! #ReinInBigTech. 

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  • “Social media companies as they’re currently designed and operate are dangerous products. They’re destroying lives, threatening democracy itself. These companies must be reined in or the worst is yet to come.” (Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC)

  • Children are not your priority—children are your product.” (Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-TN)

  • "As a collective, your platforms really suck at policing themselves"(Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI)

  • “The public and particularly parents in this room know that we can no longer rely on social media to provide the kind of safeguards that children and parents deserve. And that is the reason why passing the Kids Online Safety Act is so critically important.” (Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-CT)

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National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance 

(January 31, 2024)

?Donna was invited to join members of Congress, clergy, and leaders from around the world to pray for the crisis of online sexual exploitation, specifically for those exploited through internet pornography, child sexual abuse material, and sex trafficking. 

EIE will continue to advocate for the passage of key laws designed to protect your children online. Will you help us?

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said it best during the Senate Hearing stating Senate Majority Leader Schumer should “go to Amazon, buy a spine online,” and bring these bills to the floor. We agree!

Please call Sen. Schumer’s office at 202-224-6542. Using our sample script below, urge him to call for a floor a vote on these important pieces of legislation:

"Hi, my name is [name], and I am a registered voter in [state]. I’m calling to ask Senator Schumer to bring the EARN IT Act, KOSA, STOP CSAM Act and

SHIELD Act to the Senate floor for a vote. This is a nonpartisan issue that has wide bipartisan support. Children around the world are being sexually abused and exploited online at alarming rates, and the U.S. is the greatest consumer of this explicit content. Please act now!"

Thanks for your support in helping Enough Is Enough® to advance its mission to make the internet safer for children and families!