December 22, 2018

Wow!...Look what we accomplished together!

To Our Special Friends,

Thank you SO MUCH for your financial support. We are truly grateful!

I am a writing to share with you some of the historic successes Enough Is Enough® accomplished in 2018– the fruits of our labors the past two months alone have drawn national and international attention.

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The good news is that our nation is responding to EIE’s call to defend child dignity in the digital world.  However, the ripple effect is so great that we need more financial support and human resources to take advantage of the momentum our culture-changing campaigns are creating. 

We are impacting the culture one victory at a time thanks to your ongoing and necessary financial support which has helped to fund our growth and continued success.  

I hope you will prayerfully consider increasing your annual gift to have a greater impact on the following needs outlined below. Our goal is to raise $120,ooo by year’s end to fuel our first quarter efforts in 2019! 

$30,000 will support our ongoing SAFE WiFi Campaign which includes calling out Starbucks for breaking its promise in 2016 to filter pornography and illegal child porn from its public WiFi and protect America’s kids on their WiFi like they do in other nations. Last month, we turned up the pressure with a media and petitioncampaign that was featured in BusinessInsider, Fortune, The Washington Post, FOX, the BBC, NBC and many others, which resulted in a new promise by Starbucks to begin filtering WiFi in 2019. Will you help us hold them accountable to their recent pledge? Apparently paper straws are more important to Starbucks than our children and families.  To date, we have more than 28,000 petitions being sent to Starbucks’ CEO. Additionally, we continue to reach out to Corporate leaders in the hospitality, travel, shopping centers and other industries to offer #SafeWiFi

 Sign Our Petition to Notre Dame Officials!

$30,000 is needed so EIE can effectively sustain our “Say No To Teen Vogue” petition and media campaigns demanding editors remove its “Safe Anal Sex 101” article targeting teen and tween readers to engage in the ‘highest-risk sexual behavior for HIV transmission’ according to the CDC.

Since the campaign launched in 2017 and went viral,  Teen Vogue’s editors are no longer on staff, the print magazine has ceased publication, and Conde Nast reported significant financial loss…but they still refuse to take down this and other dangerous articles despite the public outrage and national news stories such as the Daily Caller. The petition has nearly 40,000 signors and is growing daily. #HandsOffOurKids! #SayNotoTeenVogue

 Sign Our Petition to Teen Vogue!

 $30,000 will support our ongoing efforts with the Trump Administration to follow through on The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge made by candidate Donald Trump to appoint an Attorney General that will aggressively enforce existing laws protecting kids from online sexual exploitation. The current nomination of William Barr is very  promising as I expressed in this recent interview with the Washington Examiner.

Additionally, EIE will roll out both the Governor and Attorney General’s Children’s Internet Safety Pledges and First Lady Initiative in South Carolina, and will work with SC leadership to encourage other State AG’s and Governors to duplicate the Pledge in their respective states. #PresidentialPledge  #StateAGPledge  #GovernorsPledge
$30,000 will help expand Enough Is Enough®’s efforts to confront the global epidemic of hate and cyberbullying by promoting civility, common decency and kindness, which is the cornerstone of EIE’s High Road Campaign.

The holidays are a great time to highlight the call to civility, kindness, and compassion, especially in the digital world, which is why we offer “Random Posts of Kindness” and “Sweet Tweets” – a customized media platform of sharable social media posts designed to spread kindness!

#HighRoad #HighRoadCampaign #RandomPostofKindness #SweetTweets

We have had hundreds of media impressions and national News Coverage just in the past two months! Here are just a few:

Daily Caller: Anti-Porn Group Blasts Teen Vogue Again for 'Irresponsible' Teen Vogue Article

CNS News: Refuses to Take Down Anal Sex ‘How-To’ Guide Targeting Teens

Washington Examiner: Porn Industry Girds for Trump Crackdown on Filth

Politico:  How the GOP Gave Up on Porn

CBN: #ChurchToo: Evangelical Leaders' Warning About the Widespread Problem of Sex Abuse

All of these efforts, and those listed in the Top 10 Victories Protecting & Defending Children and Families have been accomplished on a shoe-string budget as EIE is 100 % donor funded.
Your ongoing support will enable EIE to strike the while the iron is hot and the eyes and ears of the media and public are tuned in to learn about preventing the exploitation of children in the digital world.

Please, won't you continue to be part of our funding family by making a one-time tax-deductible donation, or become an ongoing partner:

Thank you for  standing with us to protect the innocence, dignity and safety of our children in the digital world. Oh behalf of the Enough Is Enough® team, thanks so much for your ongoing support to help us #FundTheFight! 

President & CEO 

Enough Is Enough®