December 30, 2016

2017 Historic Firsts and next STeps

Dear Friend, 

As we prepare to ring in the New Year in a few days, I want to give you an opportunity to be part of something big. 

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) was the first Internet safety organization in America.  Since 1994, when we introduced the dangers and solutions to confront  Internet pornography and sexual predators to Congress, the national media, the  Internet industry and the public, EIE has continued to pioneer new frontiers to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and youth online.

EIE hit GRAND SLAMS on every goal we set out to accomplish in 2016.  Many of our 2016 Victories were HISTORIC FIRSTS and are even more impressive than we expected. 

There are many groups that follow our lead and ride the wake of our successes, and that's great because it takes all of us to gain momentum and sustain a movement to make the Internet safer for children and families. That said, being a pioneering leader does have its challenges because we must do the heavy lifting on our major campaigns. It also means that we must have a solid vision, robust strategy, exemplary execution and a team of people to accomplish our goals.

Most importantly, we MUST have financial fuel to fund our efforts.  Without your donations, we cannot continue to make culture changing impacts to protect children and youth from ever-present challenging online harms. Unfortunately,  we are short on fundraising results for 2017. 

Will you support our efforts with  your most generous donation today, or become a regular partner by joining:

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EIE is 100% donor funded and if you haven't supported EIE in 2016, now is your chance. And remember, you have the opportunity to tell your friends that you are part of something big and can say that:

  • "The majority of the 14,000 McDonald's stores all over America are now filtering their in-store public WiFi so that is safe for children and families, and I helped make that happen!" 
  • "Kids will be safe from porn and predators at Starbucks in the near future and EIE is holding Starbucks accountable to implement their filtered WiFi policy, which EIE made happen!"
  • "President Trump is the first President to commit to keep kids and teens safe from online exploitation and I am supporting the effort to hold him and the next Attorney General accountable to uphold EIE's Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge!"
  • "I am supporting EIE's campaign to protect our kids and beloved Disney cartoon characters by pushing Disney to pursue legal action to stop the horrific Disney-themed Internet pornography." 
  • "The Internet is safer for children and families and I was part of the solution to make this happen!!"

Please, quickly review below the exciting Grand Slam Historic Firsts we accomplished in 2016. Most importantly, please review the next steps we are taking to build on this historic momentum of our key initiatives and what your financial support will enable us to do in 2017!! 

You can donate right here, right now or mail a check to the address provided in the Donate link. Your gift is 100% tax deductible in 2016. Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts going forward.

Happy New Year... Make it a Great One!


Donna Rice Hughes
President & CEO 

Enough Is Enough®


#1 The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge

HISTORIC FIRST: EIE's Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge  was signed by Donald Trump and supported by Hillary Clinton. The Pledge called upon the candidates, if elected president, to enforce the existing federal laws and advance public policies designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online. When the  Pledge goals are fully implemented, it will be the first time in INTERNET HISTORY that the Internet will actually be safer for youth from exploitation by pornographers, sexual predators and traffickers. 

Next steps:  We are currently making recommendations to President-Elect Trump’s transition team to implement the goals of the pledge, which include a commitment to appoint an Attorney General, who will make the vigorous prosecution of federal obscenity, child pornography, sexual predation, child trafficking laws and the Children's Internet Protection Act a top priority. We are also submitting questions to the Senate confirmation committee to ensure that our next AG will follow through on the Pledge Goals. 

Your financial support will fund our work with the Trump Administration and our ability to roll out the Congressional Pledge, the State Legislator’s Pledge and the State U.S. Attorney’s Pledge in 2017. 

#2 The National Porn Free WiFi Movement

HISTORIC FIRST: EIE started the National Porn Free WiFi  campaign in 2014. As a result of our efforts, McDonald’s is now filtering WiFi in the majority of ALL of their 14,000 stores nationwide; Starbucks announced in July 2016 that they would begin filtering their public WiFi nationally and are implementing a global safe WiFi policy.  Panera Bread and Chilck-fil-A are also filtering WIFI. We are so proud of these corporate leaders, who are helping us set the expectations for the rest of Corporate America to be part of the solution for safe and friendly  public WiFi. This is just the beginning.

Next Steps: Your support will empower EIE to continue this hard fought momentum to get other restaurants, hotels/ resorts, superstores, malls, schools, libraries, airlines, athletic arenas and other businesses to provide safe and secure WiFi for their patrons, which includes kids and teens. WiFi is the new frontier on Internet safety and once again, EIE's vision and leadership is paving the way!!

#3 Stop Disney-Themed Pornography Campaign

In September, EIE launched the national campaign urging Disney to take legal action to stop the ongoing proliferation of Disney-themed hard core porn sites, which are an apparent violation of Disney's copyrighted brands. Both Disney characters and children who love them need to be protected from unscrupulous pornographers, who depict them in obscene pictures and videos performing graphic sexual acts. The online petition campaign  already has 21,000 signatures and is growing daily!  Your support will empower EIE to turn this campaign into a 2017 victory! 

#4 Public Awareness and Education

HISTORIC FIRST: EIE launched the Internet safety movement in 1994, and continues to be a leading voice in the mainstream media shaping public opinion, corporate policy, public policy and raising awareness of Internet dangers and safety solutions to protect children from online pornography, sexual predators and other harms. This year, EIE's President Donna Rice Hughes conducted more than 85 media interviews, including her 5th interview with the legendary Barbara Walters, reaching over 50 million people globally, as many of the stories went viral. Check out our Media coverage, op-eds, and press releases and the graphic on right that shows the variety of media outlets featuring our efforts. 

In June 2016, EIE unveiled the redesign of its two websites, and InternetSafety101.orgallowing for greater interactivity, easier navigation, robust social media campaigns and long-term sustainability. 

#5 The Award Winning Internet Safety 101SM Program

This was the FIRST INTERNET SAFETY CURRICULUM DESIGNED FOR PARENTS to keep kids safe online. It went into international distribution in 2016 with a major distributor.  Expanded distribution to additional digital, video on demand, social media and e-learning platforms, public libraries and other venues worldwide makes the 101 resources readily accessible to every English and Spanish speaking parent, grandparent and teacher in worldwide. The Emmy award-winning three 1-hour 101 TV Series is now available on Vimeo and the 101 Program is also on

#6 Project Wilberforce

The mission is to end the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children  and restore a culture of dignity and respect.  The Public Health Pornography Pandemic campaign, is undergirding the growing national movement to shed light on the social costs of Internet pornography as a public health pandemic. 

Since 1994, EIE has provided vision, leadership, expertise, aggregated research and resources to inform the public, media, policy makers, law enforcement and corporate leaders on the negative impact of hard-core Internet porn on  the emotional, physical and  mental health of children and youth.

HISTORIC FIRSTS: The fruit of this movement is evidenced by the Utah legislature's resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis, which leads to the "hyper-sexualization of teens" and an "increase in the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, and child pornography."  A similar resolution was recently adopted in Canada (M-47) AND the 2016 GOP Platform included language declaring Internet pornography a public health issue.

Next Steps: Your support will enable EIE to turn these resolutions and declarations into actionable policy by implementing Children's Internet Safety Congressional, Legislature and State Attorney's General Pledges in 2017.

As you can see, our  2017 agenda is bold and EIE has a track record of over-delivering, on time and under budget.  

But we need additional resources and that's where you come in.

There are 3 days left for you to support our efforts with a year-end generous donation.

With your  support, children and families will be reaping the rewards of these culture and policy changing victories for generations!!!