December 18, 2019

Our Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge is Making Headline News

EIE Has the Attention of the U.S. Attorney General, Congress, and the National Media on the Issue of Obscenity Enforcement!

EIE's bi-partisan “Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge,” signed by both President Donald Trump and supported by Secretary Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election, called for the aggressive enforcement of obscene pornography which is not protected speech under the 1st Amendment. 

Current law makes it a crime to produce and distribute hard-core pornography, however, since 1994, children and adults alike have been fed a steady diet of this content, which is freely available online. Why? Because the laws have not been enforced except for a brief time under General Ashcroft.

Earlier this month, four Congressman sent a letter to Attorney General Barr calling on him to crack down on obscene pornography and making its prosecution a priority, citing President Trump's commitment made by signing the Pledge. Reports say the the letter has arrived at Barr's office and it is being reviewed.

Prosecuting the producers and distributors of obscene pornography is exactly what Enough Is Enough® has been asking the Department of Justice to prioritize for the past two decades since the Internet opened the gateways for kids to instant and easy access to hard-core, extreme pornography. The ties between obscene porn, sex trafficking and child sex abuse images have since been made abundantly clear.

Donna on the Eric Metaxas Show

December 18, 2019 - Donna Rice Hughes joined Eric Mextaxis in his NYC studio this week to discuss the Internet Safety Pledge, the urgent need to enforce obscenity laws and the vital culture changing work of EIE. 

Listen to the segment here

(segment begins at 15:00 minutes)

Here are just some of the news stories reporting on EIE's Presidential Pledge and the need for obscenity enforcement: 

December 6 - The Daily Caller - Lawmakers Urge Barr To Fulfill Trump’s Promise To Enforce Obscene Porn Laws: ‘It’s Time We Start Talking About It’

December 6- Catholic News Agency - Prosecute pornographers for obscenity, Congressmen tell AG

December 7 - The Epoch Times - Lawmakers Urge AG Barr to Prosecute Obscene Pornography Producers, Distributors

December 8 - The News Sun - Banks seeks increased enforcement of 'obscene pornography'

December 9 - RTV6 Indianapolis - Indiana Congressman asks attorney general to crack down on 'obscene porn

December 9 - National Catholic Register - Congressmen Tell Attorney General Barr: Prosecute Pornographers for Obscenity 

December 11- The Daily Signal- Lawmakers Call on Attorney General to Enforce Anti-Obscenity Laws, Make Good on Trump’s Campaign Pledge

December 12 - Our Sunday Visitor: What is obscene? Why cracking down on pornography is so difficult — but so necessary

December 12 - Christian Post - Lawmakers ask AG Barr to make prosecuting obscenity, child porn 'criminal justice priority'

December 12 - CNS News - Congressmen Call on AG Barr to Make 'Obscene Porn' Prosecution a Criminal Justice Priority

December 13- WORLD Magazine - A War on Obscenity

Friends, let's keep this momentum going! We must do all we can to speak up and speak out against hard-core pornography's devastating impact upon our youth and our society. 

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