December 12, 2018

Defend child dignity in the digital world this December

Donate all throughout December to help defend dignity and safety of children in the digital world. 

Enough Is Enough® needs to raise $120,000 to sustain four key campaigns that will have national impact in protecting YOUR children, grandchildren, and those you love from sexual exploitation online.

Featured Campaign "Say NO to Teen Vogue"

$30,000 is needed to EIE effectively sustain “Say No To Teen Vogue”campaign demanding editors remove existing articles -- and cease printing further outrageous articles encouraging kids to experiment with sex acts of any kind. Since EIE’s campaign started, Teen Vogue’s editor and content editor are no longer on staff, the print magazine has ceased publication, and its publisher is facing significant financial loss…but they still refuse to take down these horrific articles exploiting our children! Be sure to sign our petition to “Say No to Teen Vogue!” We say #HandsOffOurKids! #SayNotoTeenVogue

4 Reasons to Say No To Teen Vogue:

  1. Children should not be targets of sexual experimentation of any kind!

  2. Teen Vogue’s publishes this and similar exploitative articles for teens/tweens articles under “Health and Wellness.”

  3. The CDC reports anal sex carries tremendous health risks.
  4. Parents should be the primary source of a child’s sexual education; not a mainstream media publication. 

How will you choose to become a DEFENDER OF CHILD DIGNITY in the DIGITAL WORLD? We have 4 campaigns that need your support … Choose One or Choose All!

Donate to prevent explicit sexual content being available to teens.  

Donate to hold Starbucks to their recent promise to filter and encourage corporate America to provide SAFE WiFi 

Donate to continue the High Road campaign of online kindness

Donate to support EIE's Presidential Pledge to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online

Friends, I really need your help in protecting the dignity and innocence of children from those wishing to exploit their protected period of innocence. Won't you please make a tax-deductible donation today? 

Thanks so much for helping to #FundTheFight!