December 21, 2020

Wait! Before you warp that tech gift you purchased for your Child...

Busy getting the hottest tech gifts and gadgets for your kiddos all wrapped up? 

Before you do.....make sure to set up the safety features on any device that connects to the internet (smart phones, tablets, smart tv's, gaming systems, etc.).

Follow these initial steps to keep your child safer from predators, pornographers and other harms in the digital world!


Set Age Appropriate Filters to block harmful websites and images

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Set the Monitoring Tool to see what your kids are doing and who they are communicating with

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Set up your own parent-approved buddy/gaming list to allow your child to communicate with people you have pre-approved.

Finally, be sure you and your child establish rules when using the internet! Use our YOUTH PLEDGE, or tailor the pledge to meet the specific needs of your family. Creating a youth pledge together promotes active learning and builds an atmosphere of open dialogue and trust! 

We have all the information you'll need to help educate and empower you to be a cyber-savvy parent at

Wishing you happy and safe holidays!

From the team at Enough Is Enough®,
Your internet safety experts

P.S. - We sure would be grateful if you would remember Enough Is Enough® when making an end-of-year gift! Your support will help us continue our efforts and campaigns designed to protect kids in the digital world! Thank you!