September 29, 2020

Petition to Ban "Cuties" from Netflix and Call for DOJ to Investigate Possible Child P*rn

Media Edition: September 29, 2020

Netflix Execs and Film Production Crew MUST be Held Accountable!

*Twerking* *Humping* *Gyrating* *Performance of stripper-esque dance moves* *Crotch grabs* *Photographing of Genitalia* ... and more ... all found in scenes performed by adolescent and pre-adolescent "Cuties" actresses

Enough Is Enough® has launched a petition with a dual-call to action against "Cuties" to: 

(1) Demand Netflix immediately remove the film “Cuties” from its streaming service, and; 

(2) Request the launch of a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the film production team and Netflix for potential child pornography violations. Those responsible for the filming, production and distribution of the content MUST be held accountable.

Within hours of its release, the petition, which is being sent directly to Netflix execs and DOJ, has already garnered over 5,700 signatures.

It is NEVER okay to sexually exploit children in broadcast programming or on the internet...or anywhere else! Further, this type of content whets the appetites and sexual fantasies of pedophiles, sexual predators and traffickers, and sends a message to youth that sexualized behavior is desired. 

Why the call for a DOJ investigation? 

Child pornography under federal law is defined as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age). Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor, and images created, adapted, or modified, but appear to depict an identifiable, actual minor. 

Netflix has established a pattern of offering content that sexualizes children. We cannot allow Netflix, the film or entertainment industry to monetize off of the sexualization of our children and feed them directly into the hands of child predators!