September 3, 2016

Labor of Love...Safety Never Sleeps

Dear Friends,

Traditionally, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of American workers. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to celebrate! Nowadays, hard-working Americans enjoy Labor Day as a day to take a break from their hard work and celebrate the unofficial end of summertime. Even though many Americans have the day off on Monday, there are some things from which we can never rest. Our vigilance and commitment to protecting children and families from the dangers of sexual exploitation, cyber bullying, child pornography, and trafficking should never falter. 

The recent sexting scandal involving Anthony Weiner not only serves as a reminder to us to be ever-vigilant, but also provides an opportunity to teach our children about the dangers and consequences of sexting. This pervasive and destructive behavior is becoming so commonplace among school-age children that many don't even realize it is unsafe and wrong!

Throughout the month of September we will be highlighting some of the tools and resources that we have available to you so that you may be confident that your children are protected from the ever-present threats that lurk online and behind smart phones. 

We know you can't be with your children all the time, though, even in public. This is why we are so happy about our recent victories with McDonalds and Starbucks. Having committed to filtering their public wifi from child porn and porn, these places deserve our thanks. In the coming days we hope we can announce to you even MORE businesses who will join the ranks of Starbucks and McDonalds as safer places for families. 

As you enjoy your long weekend we hope you remember that Enough is Enough is tirelessly working to allow you to equip yourself with the knowledge and the tools you need to ensure your families' safety online, on the phones, and among peers. Ours is a labor of love and determination and we ask you to join us as we continue to lead the effort to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking and sexual predation with innovative initiatives and effective communications.

Enjoy your Weekend!


 DRH Green Polo HeadshotDonna's Signature 

Donna Rice Hughes

President & CEO

Making the Internet safer for children and families.,         

PS: Starbucks runs on coffee, but EIE runs on donations! Please consider making a contribution today to help us find more businesses who will commit to filtering their public wifi from porn and child porn!

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PPPS: If you haven't signed our Children's Internet Safety Citizen's Pledge yet, visit this page and show your commitment to the safety of our nation's children!