April 12, 2023

Confessions of an Internet Predator - Every Parent Must See This

Never Before Released Online!
"I would probably talk to 25 children...it would be my goal to find out what type of person it is that they were looking to speak to."
--"John Doe," convicted sex offender

Meet "John Doe."

One of his life's goals was to help children. However, through his own admission, he lived a double life - one being a happily married, career and community-focused family man, and the other, a "child-like peer" on the internet that befriended and exploited children.

EIE President Donna Rice Hughes spent three hours interviewing "John Doe," under the veil of anonymity, in a high security prison years ago. Donna asked him to share his story and to let parents and kids alike understand how sexual predators gain the trust of youth and groom them into online and offline sexual encounters.

In this video, he shares what fueled his actions, how he disguised himself online in order to connect on and offline with children, and how he groomed children into sending sexually explicit pictures of themselves.

"John Doe" also shares he was sexually abused as a young child and later as a teenager, and that that his journey online started with exposure to "adult pornography" that led to child pornography and then grooming kids online.

It is important than we learn from those that have been caught in the past in order to protect children in the future.

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By the Numbers:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM): The CyberTipline received over 32 million reports containing more than 88 million images/videos and other content concerning child sexual exploitation. (NCMEC, Feb. 2, 2023)

  • Online Predation: Researchers have observed a “three-fold” increase in self-generated imagery depicting 7- to 10-year-olds, as they were increasingly targeted and groomed by internet predators on an industrial scale (IWF, Jan. 2022)

  • There has been a 97.5% increase in online enticement reports in 2020 compared to 2019 -- includes sextortion, in which a child is being groomed to take sexually explicit images and/or ultimately meet face-to-face with someone for sexual purposes, or to engage in a sexual conversation online or, in some instances, to sell/trade the child’s sexual images (NCMEC, May 2021) 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Sadly, there's a good chance that a loved one or someone you know is being a victimized. Please, familiarize yourself with warning signs that your child may be in contact with an online predator. Contact law enforcement immediately if you or your loved one have been victimized or report any instances of online exploitation of children to the CyberTipline.