May 6, 2019

Victory! Starbucks finally filtering Wifi...and YOU helped make it happen!

Dear Friends, 

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is thrilled to announce that Starbucks Corporation has followed through on their public commitment to filter its WiFi in its company-owned stores (nearly 8,500locations) from pornography and child pornography! 

Now, when a customer walks into a Starbucks-owned location, the following message appears when attempting to view inappropriate content: “Access to this site has been blocked.” This is a tremendous victory for children, families and patrons. This victory comes after a 5 year marathon effort, thanks to the persistent efforts and action of EIE supporters! You persevered with us, and we made sure your voices were heard!

The turning point came in Nov. 2018 within 24 hours after EIE launched our second aggressive media and petition campaign drawing attention to Starbucks’ failure to implement WiFi filtering as promised in their 2016 statement to CNN. The media pressure and the petitions you signed resulted in a Starbucks' statement via stating that the coffee giant would begin to filter in 2019.

Five years and tens of thousands of petition signatures later, Starbucks understood that we weren't backing down. EIE‘s Safe WiFiSM campaign began in the fall of 2014, with nearly 50,000 combined petitions and 75 partner organizations encouraging McDonald's and Starbucks to lead Corporate America in filtering WiFi. 

Starbucks now joins others such as McDonald's, Chick-fil-A and Panera Bread in demonstrating their commitment to provide safe and secure WiFi resulting in a family friendly environment for all of their patrons. 

Here's how you can help us spread the good news:

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  3. Sample posts for you to copy and share on your own:

Facebook: After a five year effort led by Enough Is Enough® and the Safe WiFiSM Coalition, @Starbucks started filtering porn and child porn from its WiFi earlier this year. This is a major step in the right direction for our children’s online safety! #SafeWifi #StarbucksWifi

Twitter: We encourage other restaurants chains such as @Wendys and Universities like @NotreDame to join the #SafeWiFi movement like @Starbucks and @McDonalds by filtering their public WiFi from pornography and child pornography!

Our hats off and deepest appreciation to all who joined us to defend the dignity of children in the digital age! WE DID IT!

Friends, this victory is immense, but our work is far from complete. We need your most generous financial support which will enable us to urge other restaurants like Wendy's, Universities like Notre Dame and the travel industry, including airlines, to follow suit. With your help of $25, $50, $100 or more, we can continue to impact a corporate culture void of sexual exploitation, violence and objectification. 


Donna's Signature